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Meet our awesome team members!

If you’re interested in joining or want some more information, please shoot us an email @ and/or hop into a meeting! Make sure to join our Discord too - it’s our primary source of communication.


Chaytan Inman

Team Captain




I’m Chaytan. I guess the first thing to know about me is that I love rain, trees, fungi, and plants, and they’re what made me want to form this team. I think that technology has enabled humans to destroy ourselves and organisms around us, but I’m hoping that the right technology can also enable us to reevaluate how we think and act. To me this team is an environment about experimenting and discovering those technologies: codifying generally intelligent computation and environmental understanding through environmental interaction.


Carter Swartout


Hi, I’m Carter! I’m a CS student studying deep learning, primarily NLP. I’ve always had a childlike wonder with “intelligent computers” and I’m delighted I get to improve them with I2. Outside of school I love reading, biking, and being confused by puzzles!

Varun Ananth

Education Lead



I play guitar and love learning new songs! I usually play metal but am learning classical. I also am into making projects with microcontrollers and arduino.

Yegor Kuznetsov


Emergent Lang


Dr. Eric Chudler


Eric Chudler, PhD, is a neuroscience author and Research Associate Professor in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Washington.


Alec Bunn


Emergent Lang

Super smash bros god

Frank Li


I wanna make an artificial brain and I/O stream for human brains.

Marlene Meili Liu Grieskamp




I like the brain.

Nash Rickert


Current undergrad CS major interested in researching, applying, and learning about AI models. In my free time I like to spend time outside, ski, play roller hockey, read, and play games with others.

Shaun Christopher Lee

Physics & CS


Sophomore, Served two years in the Singapore Army, Undergrad Researcher at ADMX (Physics), Dream is to chill and make music.


Aditya Deepak Setty



Hi! My name is Aditya, a freshman at UW. I am deeply passionate about neuroscience and currently work at an alzheimers research lab in the department of Comparative Medicine at the UW school of medicine. I also love running, swimming and calistenics!

Andre Ye

ML Lead

Phil, CHID, & CS

Emergent Lang

Hey there! I’m Andre. I work on philosophy and computer science at the University of Washington. I am interested in exploring the epistemology of deep learning algorithms, particularly with respect to ‘deep pedagogy’, adaptive curriculum design, and the potential of such models to develop subjectivity, disagreement, opinions, and bias. If there are any problems with the site, please email me or contact me on Discord.

Catherine Rasgaitis


Hackathon enthusiast who loves all things AI! I also like to rap (:

Chanh Truong


Fun fact: I enjoy running and pretty much anything outdoors.

Charles M. S. Strauss

Prescience & CS

Network Splitting


I’m the kid from New Mexico. Super interested in deep learning, business and blockchain!!! Enjoy shredding powder, meeting new people, lifting, and mountain biking—hmu if you enjoy those too.


Devrin Chen-Sorasith Chullanandana

Business Advisor


Passionate about bringing the beauty of I2’s research to the nationwide stage. As business lead of I2, I advise all business decisions and connect the club with emerging figures in the neuroscience and AI fields. On the side, I am the President of Husky Flying Club, an AFROTC Cadet interested in Space Force, and an avid Smiths enjoyer.

Drew Nguyen

CS & Neuro



I’m interested in neural-inspired computing and computational models of higher-level cognitive processes. Outside of my work, I like to draw, play tabletop RPGs, and read sci-fi. Fun fact: if you’ve taken CSE 142 sometime in the past 3 years, I may have been your TA! Instagram

Eric Xia



Emergent Lang

I’m interested in the bidirectional relationship between neuroscience and AI: how neural network models can be improved with our understanding of how the brain works, and how AI’s computing power can be harnessed to advance neuroscience research. Precision medicine, nutrition, and creative writing are also fascinating, I enjoy playing badminton, skiing, reading, and I’m trying to learn guitar. I love meeting new people, feel free to reach out. :)

Hilal Mufti


Enjoyer of Nietzsche and Berserk.

Janna Hong

Neuroscience Lead



Hello! I’ve long been fascinated by how diverse neural circuits direct how our brains make sense of everchanging data in a complex world. The neural pathways are translated into behaviors which govern an individual’s quality of life. Specifically, my interest is utilizing computational methods to mimic the way the human brain operates to recognize patterns and solve common problems in the fields of neuroscience, AI, ML, and DL.

Sabrina Burka



Social Media Head

I’ve been interested in machine learning / AI for a long time. My primary goal is exploring, learning as much I can, and meeting others with similar interests! My favourite things are drawing, listening to 80s music, chilling with my cat and meeting new people! Fun fact: I’m trying to learn French! I also TA for INFO 101 :) Instagram

Shey Gao


Hi there, this is Shey. I’m majoring in ACMS with a specialization on discrete math and algorithms. I like traveling and am currently developing a passion for martial arts!

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