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Index of Club Content by Topic

Table of Contents

  1. Theory of Neural Networks
  2. Fundamentals of Deep Learning
  3. Neuroscience
  4. Reinforcement Learning
  5. Philosophy and General Intelligence

Theory of Neural Networks

Meta-Modeling & Self Aware NetworksWin 2022 Wk 5Meta-modeling, Research, Research presentation
Deep Sparse Coding for Invariant Multimodal Halle Berry NeuronsWin 2022 JC Wk 2Autoencoders, Multimodal Learning, Sparse Coding, Research
What’s Hidden in a Randomly Weighted Neural Network?Win 2022 JC Wk 1Learning Theory, Initialization
Neural Networks as MindsWin 2022 Wk 1Learning Theory, Multimodal Learning, Research

Fundamentals of Deep Learning

Attention and TransformersSpr 2022 JC Week 6Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Transformers
CNNs, RNNs, BackpropSpr 2022 Emergent Lang. Meeting 1Neural Networks, Deep Learning
BackpropagationSpr 2022 JC Week 1Math, Neural Networks, Deep Learning


Q&A with Stephen GrossbergSpr 2022 JC Week 4Neuroscience, AI, Deep Learning, Adaptive Resonance Theory
Biological Prediction and the NeocortexSpr 2022 JC Week 3Neuroscience
Neural Circutry of Reward Prediction ErrorSpr 2022 JC Week 2Neuroscience, Computational neuroscience, Math
Biologically Plausible NetworksWin 2022 Wk 5Biology, Neuroscience, ML, DL, Research presentation
Predictive CodingWin 2022 Wk 5Neuroscience, ML, RL, Research presentation
Neuromorphic ComputingWin 2022 Wk 4Neuroscience, Computing, Neural networks
Neuroscience in I2Win 2022 Wk 1Neuroscience, Neurobiology

Reinforcement Learning

Swarm IntelligenceWin 2022 Wk 5Distributed systems, RL, Research presentation
Reinforcement LearningWin 2022 Wk 4RL, Research presentation

Philosophy and General Intelligence

AI EthicsSpr 2022 JC Week 8Ethics, General Intelligence, Consciousness, Philosophy
Measuring IntelligenceSpr 2022 JC Week 7General Intelligence, Turing, McCarthy, Chollet, AI, Philosophy

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