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Repo of cool neuroscience and AI papers & articles shared internally

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Topic Tags: CS: Computer Science, RL: Reinforcement Learning, DL: Deep Learning, QC: Quantum Computing, NS: Neuroscience, Bio: Biology, Phil: Philosophy. You can filter simply by Ctrl+F/Cmd+F‘ing the tags.

CS, NSOpportunities for neuromorphic computing algorithms and applicationsNature
AI, DL, Bio, NSDeep Predictive Coding Network for Object RecognitionarXiv
AI, DL, BioBiologically plausible deep learning – but how far can we go with shallow networks?arXiv
AI, DL, BioA Biologically Plausible Learning Algorithm for Neural NetworksIBM Blog
AI, DLSelf-Aware Neural Network Systems: A Survey and New PerspectiveIEEE Explore
AI, DLAdversarial Perturbations Are Not So Weird: Entanglement of Robust and Non-Robust Features in Neural Network ClassifiersarXiv
AI, DLAdversarial Examples Are Not Bugs, They Are FeaturesarXiv
AI, DLSimulated Policy Learning in Video ModelsGoogle AI
NSChanges in subjective experience elicited by direct stimulation of the human orbitofrontal cortexPubMed Central
Bio, NSAdolescent NeurodevelopmentPubMed Central
AI, DLImproving Sparse Training with RigLGoogle AI
AI, NSAI Generated Faces Are More Trustworthy Than Real Faces Say Researchers Who Warn of “Deep Fakes”Neuroscience News
Bio, NSFirst-in-human implant of a “closed-loop” bioelectronic research system for investigating treatments for brain disordersOxford Neuro
BioFrom one cell to many: How did multicellularity evolve?Science Daily
NS, BioAn Artificial Network Kept on The ‘Edge of Chaos’ Acts Much Like a Human BrainScienceAlert
QC, CSA quantum-inspired classical algorithm for recommendation systemsarXiv
DL, CSA Universal Law of Robustness via IsoperimetryarXiv
QC, DLQuantum Complexity Tamed by Machine LearningQuanta
NS, BioBrainnet: A Multi-Person Brain-to-Brain Interface for Direct Collaboration Between BrainsNature
CS, PhilTowards a Conscious AIUC Berkeley YT
BioApparently There’s a Jellyfish Whose Sting Causes Feelings of Impending DoomThe Cut
DL, CSThe Loss Surfaces of Multilayer NetworksarXiv
CS, PhilMoving beyond “algorithmic bias is a data problem”ScienceDirect
Dl, CSEfficient Neural Architecture SearcharXiv
DL, CSProgressive Neural Architecture SearcharXiv
DL, CSA New Link to an Old Model Could Crack the Mystery of Deep LearningQuanta
DL, CSResearchers Build AI That Builds AIQuanta
DL, CS, NSInforming deep neural networks by multiscale principles of neuromodulatory systemsCell
DL, CSThe Lottery Ticket HypothesisarXiv
DL, CSLearning in High Dimension Always Amounts to ExtrapolationarXiv
DL, CS, RLPolicy-Gradient Algorithms Have No Guarantees of Convergence in Linear Quadratic GamesIFAAMAS
DL, CS, RLGlobal Convergence of Policy Gradient Methods for the Linear Quadratic RegulatorarXiv
DL, CSEvolutionary approaches towards AI: past, present, and futureTowards Data Science
DL, CS, RLAn Outsider’s Tour of Reinforcement
DL, CSTask-Aware Representation of Sentences for Generic Text ClassificationGitHub
DL, CS, RLDeepTraffic: Crowdsourced Hyperparameter Tuning of Deep Reinforcement Learning Systems for Multi-Agent Dense Traffic NavigationarXiv

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