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Short Readings

“How Do You Make Yourself a Body Without Organs?” Deleuze

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Questions and Inquiry

  • Is Body without Organs something which already reproduces itself as natural resistance to structures (State, money, Party, church, school, etc.)? Or does it require a praxical move?


  • You can never reach the BwO - it is asymptotic.
  • The body has had enough with organs.
  • Various bodies:
    • Hypochondriac - organs destroyed
    • Paranoid - organs continuously attacked but restored, regenerated
    • Schizo - an internal struggle against the organs
    • Drugged - experimental schizo
    • Masochist - sealed tight, deprived, functional but not accessible
  • Dismantle ourself - go further than psychoanalysis and the consistency of the mind.
  • Psychoanalytic interpretation of phantasy vs antipsychiatry
    • What happens when you take away phantasy from the operation?
  • Fabrication of BwO, circulation/reproduction of BwO
  • The body is a machine, a neural circut of intensities, circulated.
  • Can we understand this network of circulating intensities as a computational graph? Only positives? Production fo the real?
  • Sex organs sprout everywhere, defecation opens and closes - reproduction, but also waste-production, is spontaneous and always.
  • BwO - field of immanence of desire.
  • A priest is behind every curse of desire, the triple curse: lack, masturbation, phantasy
  • Psychoanalyst is this priest: Pleasure, Death, Reality.
  • The Masochist is not also in pursuit of pleasure. The masochist pays the price of suffering to untie desire and pleasure.
    • Pleasure cannot be obtained through detours.
    • Pleasure must be delayed
  • Masochists use suffering to constitute a BwO to make consistency in the plane of desire.
  • The reunciation of external pleasure: desire no longer lacks anything, and constructs its own field of immanence.
  • Circuit of intensities between energy - if man does not ejaculate, constituting an intensive body without organs.
  • BwO - types, genuses, substantial attributes. How to produce intensities, to reach a plane of consistency, to sew up?
  • The BwO is not the opposite of the organ. Organs are not the enemies; the organism is the enemy. We must not organize the organs into the organism.
  • Theological systems rely upon a God who makes an organism as an organization of organs.
  • You will be organized, you will be an organism, you will articulate your body, OR YOU WILL BE DEPRVAED. You are responsible for your assimilation and reproduction.

You will be signifier and signified, interpreter and interpreted-otherwise you’re just a deviant. You will be a subject, nailed down as one, a subject of the enunciation recoiled into a subject of the statement-otherwise you’re just a tramp.

  • Revision to Althusser?
  • What does it mean to disarticulate?
  • Dismantling the organism does not mean killing yourself, but opening up your body.

Dismantling the organism has never meant killing yourself, but rather opening the body to connections that presuppose an entire assemblage, circuits, conjunctions, levels and thresholds, passages and distributions of intensity, and territories and deterritorializations measured with the craft of a surveyor

  • Can we understand Body without Organs as a computational graph?
  • How to unhook ourselves from subjectness?
  • Enough of the organism must be kept to reform and reproduce, you must remain minimally a subject.
  • BwO is connection of desires, flows, continuum of intensities:

You have constructed your own little machine, ready when needed to be plugged into other collective machines.

  • Why are there so many dangers and precautions?
  • Cancerus tissue: a cell becomes cancerous quickly
  • A BwO must be ready to reproduce and invade social fields: money (inflation), State, army, factory, city, Party.
  • How to create a BwO for ourselves without becoming a fascist cancerous BwO, or an empty BwO?
  • The BwO is the egg - it is contemporary, not regressive, not primitive. Zero intensity as production.
  • A distribution fo intensive principles of organs, machinic connections, multiple, in an assemblage.
  • BwO phenomean are not regressions, projections, phantasies of a body.
  • BwO - desire, desires and desired.
  • Not quite ideological, but physical, of pure matter.
  • BwOs - abstract machine covering and creating the totality of BwOs.

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