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Meeting #1

Friday, 2/11/2022

Table of Contents

  1. Agenda
  2. Meeting Slides and AGI
  3. Neuroscience in I2
  4. Neural Networks as Minds
    1. Links to Papers and Resources from Andre’s Presentation


  1. Introduction to I2’s purpose and goals
  2. Member ice breakers - name, major, life goals/dreams, relevant experiences, good vs. evil
  3. AGI Presentation by Chaytan
  4. Discussion questions and brainstorming
  5. Neuroscience Presentation by Janna
  6. Neural Networks Presentation by Andre
  7. More brainstorming & wrap-up

Meeting Slides and AGI

Link: “Interactive Intelligence”

Neuroscience in I2

Janna’s Neuroscience Slides: “Neuroscience in I2”

Neural Networks as Minds

Andre’s Neural Networks Slides: “Neural Networks as Minds”

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