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Meeting #2

Friday, 4/8/2022

Table of Contents

  1. Agenda
  2. Announcements
  3. Updates


  1. Group progress updates and discussion (~30 min)
  2. Break (~10 min)
  3. Work time (remainder)


  • Chaytan will be presenting at the Journal Club next week.
  • Stephen Grossberg will be presenting at the Journal Club in two weeks.
    • Put your questions here!
  • Kevin Jamieson will be presenting at the Journal Club in three weeks.
  • Prepare questions and familiarize with speaker work before coming to the Journal Club.
  • Look into adaptive resonance theory, invented by Grossberg. A theoretical explanation of consciousness and a biological plausible unsupervised learning mechanism.
  • We have a faculty advisor! - Eric Chudler, director of the Center for Neurotechnology


  • Emergent language - pursuing a more abstracted task.
  • Network splitting - ended up getting the same results as training a network normally. The number of neurons increased during training.
  • Environment - considering multimodal predictions.
  • RL - started reading about actor-critic models, learning about different techniques and methods.

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