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Research ideas that may or may not have been acted on

A collection of project ideas brainstormed and developed through exploratory research in Winter quarter.

GAN Swarm or Actor Critic, RL SwarmMany agents that can compete adversarially and maybe also communicate and cooperate.Would this implement swarm intelligence methods of distributed agent level computation or is it a swarm just due to the large number of agents? What sort of environment? What sort of goals?
Synthetic LanguageGive models a protocol to communicate between each other as inputs and outputs of eachHas it been done? What kind of models would benefit most from this?
Fungal ComputingGrow mushrooms (maybe we can talk with the Indoor Farming RSO) and try to compute with them.How? Could we instead use priciples of how fungi communicate and grow in silico instead of literally growing them?
Memory ML networkUse something like a Hopfield network to encode memory in NNs.Is this similar to any parts of the brain? How is memory represented in the brain?
Hebbian LearningUpdate the weights of NNs based on the firing rate of previous and next layers similar to how the brain stregthens and weakens synapses.What work has been done on this already? What type of NNs do we want to apply it to?
Predictive CodingPredict some feature of the environment as well as the next input from the environment ot the model, RL based agents. We could measure the difference in performance between non-pred. coding and pred. coding networks.Has it been done? At what level of granularity do we want to predict the next input? The exact inputs or larger features of it?

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