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Francois Chollet

Wednesday, 10/12

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I2 is incredibly honored to have had François Chollet come speak with us at the University of Washington - Chollet’s first talk in several years since the pandemic. Chollet discussed his theory of intelligence, the ARC challenge, the promise of deep learning for intelligent models, and his vision for the path forward.

Date: Wednesday 10/12/2022, 4:00 - 5:30 PM

Location: Husky Union Building, University of Washington

François Chollet is a French software engineer and artificial intelligence researcher currently working at Google. Chollet is the creator of the Keras deep-learning library, released in 2015, and a main contributor to the TensorFlow machine learning framework. His research focuses on computer vision, the application of machine learning to formal reasoning, abstraction, and how to achieve greater generality in artificial intelligence.

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