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Journal Club

Collaborative Literature Exploration

Journal Club meetings are held every week. See the schedules page for the most recent information on our schedules. JC meetings allow members to share, learn about, and discuss literature - both classic/foundational and novel/innovative - from neuroscience and artificial intelligence. See the JC meeting notes for resources and links to the presented literature and discussion.

We are proud to have hosted many influential thinkers from a wide range of disciplines.

  • Stephen Grossberg, Foundational Thinker in Cognitive Neuroscience, Creator of Adaptive Resonance Theory
  • Kevin Jamieson), Ass. Professor at the Allen School, Guestrian Endowed Professor of AI & ML

We are looking forwards to welcoming more speakers who we are in contact with:

  • Alys Weinbaum, Professor in the Dept. of English
  • Francois Chollet, AI Researcher at Google, primary creator of Keras

Table of contents

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