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Table of contents

  1. About
  2. Formal RSO Constitution


Interactive Intelligence is a team of students at the University of Washington working to make computation resemble what humans describe as intelligence. We are uniquely interdisciplinary, blending ideas from neuroscience to inform the structure of our algorithms and computations. We explore the many different approaches of engineered intelligence, from neuromorphic hardware to meta-cognitive machine learning algorithms. Currently, we are running several projects and have produced a growing body of research. Additionally, we routinely host I2 Talks and often invite notable figures in the field. You can explore additional content we produce here.

We are affiliated with the Allen School and the Center for Neurotechnology. We are advised by Dr. Eric Chudler and collaborate with other faculty.

In a nutshell: we are the funnest student-led education/research group on campus!

Formal RSO Constitution

Shortened in some places. Constitution is published for transparency, although it holds very little weight in how things are actually run.

Article I: Name

Registered Student Organization Constitution of: Interactive Intelligence

Article II: Group Purpose

I2 is an environment which aims to create a community of project-driven, outcome-oriented students interested in the intersections of reinforcement learning, embodied artificial intelligence, and neuroscience. We make machines learn like humans.

Article III: Affiliations

The Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering, The Center for Neurotechnology

Article IV: Membership

We verify that the majority of the membership of this organization are regularly enrolled University of Washington- Seattle students. Only currently registered UW- Seattle students are officers or have voting privileges within our organization.

We verify that selection of members shall not involve hazing of any kind, nor will selection discriminate against others based on race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, pregnancy, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, disability, or veteran status.

Faculty and external, non-UW affiliated experts may be added as advisors to the club

There are no eligibility requirements.

Article V: Officers

Officer Descriptions

PresidentOrganization logistics, meetings, finances, club vision and purpose, recruiting, final say on use of funds
Officers (4)Logistics, meetings, finances, recruiting

Term of Office

PresidentIndefinite unless graduated from UW, inactivity, or voted to be removed by at least 3 officers, or resignation.
Officers (4)Elections held in the Fall of each year, can be reelected indefinitely, also subject to removal by a vote of at least 3 other officers or termination due to inactivity.

Removal Provisions

Inactivity — (lack of communication, meeting participation, and responsibilities) for 1 month or longer automatically invokes a vote of removal. If two or more officers vote for removal the officer’s title is removed.

Article VI: Elections

Selection of officers occurs on the Third Friday of October annually.

Voting Procedures

First, officers are either nominated or self-nominated for positions. Incumbent officers can be reelected through an anonymous majority vote conducted through means such as Google Forms or similar polling software. For the remaining open positions, each nomination of a non incumbent officer is assigned a number. Then officers are elected through a random number generator. (Ensure that if you are filling 3 spots and you assign numbers 1, 2, 3 that both 1 and 3 are inclusive in the number generator.)

Procedures for Filling Officer Vacancies

If there is a termination or vacancy more than 1 month before the next election, a new election can be called to fill the vacancy. The same random-selection algorithm from above will be used to select the fill the vacancy.

Article VII: Meetings


  1. Educational, exploratory meetings
  2. Working / project based meetings
  3. Events — fundraising, speakers, workshops etc

Members will be informed of meetings through a variety of channels. Meeting times vary based on member availability.


At least 1/2 of all active (have participated in a club event or meeting in the past month of the club’s activity) must be present for all major shifts in club direction or business.

Article VII: Non-SAO Advisors

We verify that non-SAO advisors to our organization are selected by our organization’s voting membership, and that they serve ex-officio without voting privileges.

Article IX: Constitutional Amendments


To amend to the constitution, a quorum should be present at a meeting. All active members should be made aware that the quorum is assembling at least one week prior to the meeting. Any member can propose changes at this meeting, but the majority present must vote and approve the change. If it passes, the constitution can be amended.

Our organization verifies our operating practices are not in conflict with the Registration requirements in Sections in Articles I, IV, and VIII, nor are they in conflict with the SAO Policy Guide and other University of Washington requirements. This constitution is valid until October 2024.

I2 - Fusing neuroscience and AI to study intelligent computational systems. Contact us at