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I2: Interactive Intelligence

Fusing neuroscience and AI to study intelligent computational systems

I2 is UW’s student led NeuroAI education and research organization. I2 is an environment which aims to create a community of project-driven, outcome-oriented students at the University of Washington interested in the intersections of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, neuroscience, and philosophy. Our goal is to make machines learn like humans. We offer an introductory course to students who want to get into the field, and support for those who wish to contribute to it through research!

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11/2/2023 Long overdue website overhaul has begun! Projects are up to date as of November 2023 and links should take you to the proper places. Happy browsing!
9/10/2022 The paper “Deinforcement Learning” has been accepted into the Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience! Congrats to the RL team.
8/11/2022 We are very grateful and excited to announce that we have received $24k in funding from the Student Technology Fee fund! We will be purchasing compute devices to level up our experiments and fancy recording equipment to improve our JCs.
4/18/2022 Huge thanks to Stephen Grossberg for a very interesting and eventful Journal Club! View notes, recordings, and resources from the event here.
4/7/2022 We are extremely honored to announce that our club will have Stephen Grossberg, a founder of the field of computational neuroscience, as our guest speaker for Spring JC Week 4!
4/5/2022 Welcome Dr. Eric Chudler, our first faculty advisor!
3/14/2022 Notes for the last JC of the week have been published here. Good luck finals & enjoy spring break! See you all in spring quarter.
3/11/2022 Meeting notes and slides for our last meeting of the quarter have been published here. We will not have another meeting next Friday (finals week) or the Friday after that (Spring Break), but we will have a Journal Club this upcoming Monday (3/14) at HUB 238 from 5 to 7 PM. See you there for the last JC of the quarter! Also see the updated Topic Index to quickly navigate content members have created.
3/7/2022 Our next meeting (Meeting 5) will be two and a half hours long, thirty minutes longer than our usual meetings. Check out the agenda for Meeting 5.
3/6/2022 I2 officially has an Instagram! Thanks to Sabrina for managing our social media presence. Keep posted for updates and information there!
3/5/2022 Notes for Meeting 4 have been published. Thanks to the Reinforcement Learning and Neuromorphic Computing groups for awesome presentations!
2/25/2022 Notes for Meeting 3 have been published. Note that our first Journal Club meeting is happening this Monday. Please visit the Journal Club page for updates and to sign up to present!
2/13/2022 The agenda and research group assignments for Meeting 3 have been published. See you all at our third meeting this Friday!
2/19/2022 Notes for Meeting 2 have been published. Please fill out the interest form and Journal Club when2meet in the Discord server soon!
2/13/2022 Our next meeting will be this Friday (2/18) from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the Design lab at Sieg Hall, Room 233. See you there!
2/12/2022 The site was born. Keep your eyes open for updates!

I2 - Fusing neuroscience and AI to study intelligent computational systems. Contact us at